Artistic Statement

I design each piece in clay (high fire stoneware) , using handbuilding techniques of slab,drape and coil. The pieces are dried for several days,then fired to about 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. (This is called a bisque firing) After cooling the glazes are applied and whatever stains I require. The piece then gets placed into a high fire reduction kiln and fired to 2300 degrees. After 36-40 hours of cooling the sculpture is removed from the kiln and critiqued. If it passes, I then finish the piece with glass eyes,turquoise,leather,cactus spines or small feathers. In the late 90's, I started working on small mammalian critters such as bats,armadillos and some times opossum.  Some of my latest work include environmental  life cycle pieces that are at risk or are endangered.

I work out of my studio in Ajo AZ.  where I travel, research, hike and design new pieces and inspiration.
My new Art Fair schedule reflects my new location in the SouthWest